We had an extra special handover in Otago last month. Not only did the couple get the keys for their new home - it was actually a surprise proposal!

Matt and Jolene are the kind of couple you immediately want to be friends with. As self-proclaimed romantics, it made perfect sense that the handover of their newly built Classic home would be a page right out of a fairytale book.

Both originally from the UK, Matt and Jolene’s love story began just over six years ago when they met in Queenstown, the very place they’ve chosen to settle down.

Our path crossed with the couple when they tentatively approached our sales team. Having dreamt for years about building their first home, they were yet to find a company they could feel excited and confident about teaming up with.

“The anxiety around building your first house is no joke and we had been window shopping for a while before approaching Classic Builders. Meeting with Classic made choosing them a no-brainer - the sense of dread we felt melted away instantly.”

Working alongside our team, Matt and Jolene were able to enjoy the build process free of any niggly worry.

“The whole experience was seamless, easy and exciting. We were always kept in the loop and happily put our trust in the Classic team.”

With no build-stress on his plate, Matt pointed his energy in the direction of making another dream come true...asking Jolene the big question.

“The original idea was to propose in Bali with Jolene’s family. But Covid threw that plan out the window, leaving me frantically trying to find a new and unique idea. After some brainstorming, getting down on one knee on handover day felt the perfect way to start our journey on the right foot.”

“My casual mention of this idea to Caroline (Project Assistant) was met with awesome enthusiasm! I was told to leave it to her and the team. They built the house, while effortlessly building my engagement proposal at the same time.”

Trusting us with the details, Matt was free to focus on popping the question. We even had the fun of organising a photographer to tag along for the handover under the guise of capturing some photos of their home and the handover for marketing purposes.

Taking Jolene up onto the hill just in front of their new home, Matt asked to spend forever together and of course, Jolene said yes! Genuinely surprised, Jolene didn’t expect a thing.

“As we went around, I was thinking Wow, the photographer’s taking this really seriously,” she laughs. “I thought it was just Classic going the extra mile, like always. The whole experience is testament to just how amazing Classic is.”

Planning to get married in the UK surrounded by family, Matt and Jolene are more than happy to enjoy their new home in the meantime. Without a second of hesitation, Jolene’s favourite feature of the new home is the walk-in wardrobe (her first time having one and a special ‘treat yourself’ addition).

The gem of the home for Matt is the kitchen. “I worked for a kitchen company, so designing our kitchen brought back great memories. It’s a functional space that I can enjoy ‘cheffing’ in” (a comment quickly followed up by, “He’s not a chef” from Jolene).

2020 has been a milestone year in mixed ways for most Kiwis, but for Matt and Jolene this year will be one to remember for all the right reasons.

“The Classic Builders team held our hands throughout the journey, from design to giving us the keys. They celebrated every moment with us along the way, and it’s amazing to be able to confidently say we’ve turned 2020 into something beautiful.”