Classic Builders lends a kind hand

In amongst all the turmoil in the world of late we are remembering the importance of looking after each other.

That’s exactly what Classic Builders Whangarei has recently modeled by raising $25,400 for a local charity that’s all about caring.

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Saving for a first home deposit – smashed avocado and all

There’s a popular idea out there that young Kiwi’s will never be able to buy their own home.

But, while some are complaining about house prices, other young Kiwis are out there taking advantage of the different schemes available to help them get their first homes. Here are some hacks we’ve seen Kiwi’s use to make that homeownership dream a reality.

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How Showhomes Can Inspire Your Own Home Design

Planning on Showhome shopping sometime soon?

Get the most out of your window-shopping experience and make an action plan for your dream home with these tips.

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Begin the countdown to your new home

While many clink bubbles and countdown to the new year, there's a different type of countdown going on at the same time.

With the new year and new decade on the horizon, now is an exciting time to think about what your future could look like. What sort of life do you want to live? And how will a new home help you achieve this lifestyle?

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New Zealand’s Favourite House Plans

There are perks in knowing some of New Zealand’s favourite house plans.

These plans have been loved by many Kiwis, and can be a great jumping board for your own home design.

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The wait is nearly over for Drury’s latest settlement, Hunua Views

The wait is nearly over.

“We are very excited to bring Hunua Views to the market and watch a new community grow,” says Classic Group director Peter Cooney. 

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What to expect when meeting a home builder

Ready to take the next step? How to prepare for meeting your building consultant.

Your first meeting with home builders is probably a bit like a blind date.

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Sweating it out to build funds for kids in need

Four Classic Builders Tauranga staff have helped raised more than $20,000 for Homes of Hope after 585 minutes of intense exercise last Friday.

It was an unusual challenge, but the Classic Builders team nailed it.

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Teeing off for men's health

Birdies and eagles… and men. 

These were all the focus when Classic Builders decided to support a recent Cambridge sporting event.

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Building A Home in The South Island

Building in the South Island, particularly colder regions like Canterbury and Otago, has its own demands.

Discover what it takes to build in the South here!

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A Peak Inside Life At Kaimai Views

Meet Rachel and BJ Ratana, their three children and dog, ‘old boy’.

The Classic Builders journey for this family was so good; it was better than being too good to be true.

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Station View Stage 1 Sold Out in 10mins... Here's How You Can Get a Slice of Stage 2!

Want a slice of the sensational Station View property pie at Queenstown’s Jack’s Point?

Such an opportunity has again arrived. Stage two of the Classic Group development is about to be released to those who have registered their interest.

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Which is right for you? Investing in Design & Build vs House & Land

So, you have decided you want to build a property empire.

We've analysed the benefits both house & land packages as well as design & build yield, delivering valuable insight on brand-new property investments.

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A Guide to Building Consents in New Zealand

A building consent is your passport for a dream home, the chance to take your house plans and turn them into a reality.

The consent is an essential part of the building process, and the associated red tape can be a lot of stress for landowners to deal with. Here’s a starting point of what you need to know when it comes to building consents. 

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How to Plan Your New Home’s Interior

What do you want the interior to look and feel like? Building a new home offers an excellent opportunity to reinvent your interior design style, whether you want to modernise your home or choose pieces that reflect your new lifestyle. 

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Why You Should Get to Know Your Neighbours

Off the top of your head, do you know your neighbours names?

 It may seem that people in the modern era fear the friendly knock on the door, but in reality, we’re all just searching for human connections; neighbours included. Here are the three best reasons to get to know your neighbours after moving in.

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Visualising Design Using Our Product Rooms

We often hear from our clients that choosing design elements is the most fun, but also most stressful, part of a build.

Learn about how we’ve helped make colouring your home less stress and more fun.

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This Otago family is Building their investment Portfolio with Classic Builders

Lisa and her family are onto their fifth home built with Classic Builders - and they're not slowing down any time soon!

With four investment homes and one family home under their belt, Lisa believes one major thing sets apart a Classic home - the quality.

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A beginners guide to building a home from scratch

Keen on building your dream home from scratch but no clue where to start?

While it seems like quite a daunting task now, there’s nothing more satisfying. Like all major investments in our lives, the undertaking requires careful thought, and a thorough understanding of the process before you embark on the journey.

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Walking on Sunshine: How to Build to Catch the Light

Building your home to catch the best amount of natural light starts from the foundations – literally.

While our house & land packages have already been carefully designed to let in as much sunlight as possible, there are some things to consider when building your dream home from scratch to make the most of sunlight.

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The Final Showdown: Renovation vs Building New

Renovating never is quite what the TV shows make it out to be.

Deciding whether to undertake a new build or to renovate an existing home will often depend on your circumstances – availability of resources, time and money all play a big part in the decision. Planning a for a home change? Let’s take a look at which option is right for you.

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Cambridge's Old English Village Style Subdivision

This might just be one of New Zealand's coolest little subdivisions. Imagine heritage-style red brick homes all surrounding a central oval area. Welcome to Cambridge Park.

Tal Weizman and Trudi Gower, Building Consultants for Classic Builders, have been watching Cambridge Park thrive over the past few years. “I think the key reason people are flocking to Cambridge is the English village charm and city connectivity this area offers” says Trudi.

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Clever lighting solutions in this modern Whangarei Home

How would an electrical inspector kit out his own home? For this electrical inspector in Whangarei, clever integrated lighting solutions were a must.

Roneel was equipped with lots of lighting solutions for his home, from automatic sensor lighting to make nighttime midnight snacking easy to colourful kitchen LEDs to add a pop of colour and ambiance to the heart of the home.       

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Mastering the Master: Our Tips for the Ultimate Master Bedroom

How do you make sure you get your master bedroom right? We break down the 5 things every home builder needs to consider when it comes to their master bedroom!

A home’s master bedroom needs to work both as part of the wider whole, and as a space that can exist independently of the rest of your house – a sanctuary that you can retreat to, not only for a good night’s sleep but to be inspired, relaxed and reenergised.  

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Goodbye rats and rentals, hello warm new home!

Michelle Batty only wanted three things from Classic Builders when she built her first home: insulation, double glazing and no rats.

What she has now is so much more than that, it’s her own sanctuary to return to at the end of a busy working day. After 14 years of renting and a winter spent battling an infestation of rats in a cold home, she turned to Classic to see if there was a better way to live.


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Devine living in the Bay

John and Annie Devine are spending their retirement living in a playground. Or, so it could be said.

The Devines live at Katikati’s Fairview Country Club, where their new home enjoys a golf course setting. Both keen golfers, they’re quick to point out that their home hugs the eleventh green and the seventeenth fairway sprawls behind their bedroom wing.

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Picture Perfect Abode for a Busy Lifestyle

After growing up in an ever-evolving home, Charlotte wanted her own home to be free from sanding, paint drips and dust. 

With Gabrielle working fulltime, attending CrossFit up to five times a week and freelancing and Charlotte studying science fulltime, a fuss-free house was a must. Owning a new home offered them this and so much more. 

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A box of beer, cakes and a sense of comradery

For Tanya, one of the main reasons she chose to build with Classic Builders was the sense of togetherness.

Tanya loved this sense of team so much that she decided to pay it back with the odd box of beer or cake for the tradies working on her house. In the end, it all paid off and she loved the result of her finished house. 

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Choosing Between Design and Build vs House and Land | Classic Builders

Design and build, or a house and land package? Not sure what the difference is? Discover what these two options mean and how to choose between them.

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Choosing Between Home Builders and Renovators | Classic Builders

You know what kind of house you want, and chances are, you’re not living in it yet, but do you hire the best house builders NZ has to offer and start from scratch, or do you find a carpenter to spruce up your existing home?

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Five Things You Can Learn from Your Home Builder | Classic Builders

Five Valuable Pieces of Wisdom You Can Learn from Your Home Builder.

Everyone dreams of the perfect home, but it can’t be done alone - you’ll need a home builder to help you through the numerous tasks and considerations of 

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Setting a growing family up for the future

Their home needed to be more than just a space for their expanding brood; it also needed to set them up for the future. Finding something big enough, in the right area, at the right place and that suited their tastes wasn't possible with buying. The Armstrong's set their sights on building their dream house.

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The Quintessential Kiwi Villa

Amy and Adam Turner, and their two littlies Harper & Leo, are your quintessential cool, young family. Their first home couldn’t be more befitting.

Luck didn’t play a hand in getting them here. Amy and Adam paid their dues flatting in cold rentals, bunking down with family and they saved, saved, saved. The First Home Buyer KiwiSaver scheme was the enabler in getting into the market. 

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Throwing darts for Tauranga Women’s Refuge

With the potential for it to be “unofficially” the longest game of darts ever, some of the Tauranga Classic Builders team are going to at least give it a crack.

Errol Hotham and Bryce Hickey came up with the idea when pondering how they could do something that would give back to the community, specifically Tauranga Women’s Refuge.

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New Office For Classic Builders in Whangarei

Classic Builders has been a part of the Whangarei community for ten years, and just last month opened their brand-new office. You can’t miss it; the bright green building stands out on the Okara St roundabout. It has been custom designed to include a product room, where all the options are on show to help make the building process an enjoyable one for every Classic Builders client.

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Showhome Spotlight; Kaimai Views

Thoughtfully designed and in the loveliest of locations, this classic builders showhome will leave daydream believers swooning in delight.

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Clever Landscaping Transformed This Omokoroa New Build

Cute, cozy and warm. Minimal, yet sweet specifications for this elevated Omokoroa abode. 

Gardening guru lover of flowers Jane Bryant, insisted the grounds of her new home be semi established, before she moved in.

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Adventure, Lifestyle, and A Place to Call Home

Finding a place in this world to call home, is something many of us take for granted.

Take Mauricio (Mau) and Lucy for example. Thousands of miles from their birth countries of Brazil and England, they found their fit in Queenstown after traveling here to seek work, adventure and lifestyle.

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Brand New Appliances for Homes of Hope

A core value we hold strong at Classic Builders is Care. A small word, that can mean a whole lot when you hold a company accountable to applying this value to their everyday actions and behaviours; we sweat the small stuff.

Recently an opportunity presented itself to call on this value and give back to the community by donating some appliances and other goods to local Bay of Plenty charity, Homes of Hope.

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Classic Builders: Third Times a Charm for this Ambitious Tauranga Duo

Cam McCallum enjoys building new homes so much, he reckons it’s easy. The Classic Builder’s, operations manager and partner Nikita Young are old hats, having recently completed their third project.

Nestled amidst a sea of brand new builds in Papamoa’s Coast development, their new home is utterly unique. Loaded with creative flair, it is suitably tailored to a laidback lifestyle.

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Brand New Home Within Reach for First Home Buyers

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more excited about their first home than these two. Jared and Vicky were immersed in life; working and renting in Hamilton. Buying a home wasn’t on their radar.

That was until, Vicky's brother set the cogs turning when he alerted them to a, ‘not to be missed opportunity’. When Housing New Zealand announced a scheme to assist people into their first property, Classic Builders developed a package which not only meant first home, it also meant brand new home.

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Welcome to our Kennedy Ridge Showhome

Head to toe in the finest armour, Classic Builder’s Kennedy Ridge showhome is superbly dressed to battle all seasonal elements – and looks stunning while doing so.

Superbly positioned on a generously proportioned corner site, the outlook here is boastful. Slight elevation provides an enviable vantage point across the neighbourhood but even more spectacularly, up towards plush green hilltops; adding a rural element to suburban convenience.

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Roof shout a screaming success for Tauranga Boys’ building students

Students of Tauranga Boys’ College Wood-Related Trade programme recently hosted their first non-alcoholic roof shout to celebrate a milestone in construction of four cabins.

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Building students swinging more than a hammer

Residential building company Classic Builders is partnering with Tauranga Boys College to help deliver a new industry-related programme for Year 13 students keen to embark on a career within the construction industry.

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Feverish property sales shock builder

The first stage of Classic Developments latest subdivision, Hastings Heights at Pyes Pa has completely sold out without even going to market.

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