Your journey building your dream home is going to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

But, to be upfront, the early stages of the process can be a real headache. We don’t say that to scare you off, but more so to encourage you, you’re not alone! Dealing with banks, land developers / owners and builders all at once to get your new home to concept stage can feel like throwing a whole lot of balls in the air and hoping for the best. The good news is, once you’ve got lending approval and you’ve found your section, the hardest part is over. Then, it is down to you and your builder to bring everything to life, which is where it gets fun.


First, Land!

If you already have land, the first step is to meet with your builder onsite and complete a site evaluation. This step is crucial and sets the foundation for the rest of your build journey.

At Classic Builders, a site evaluation is a free service we provide. Your Building Consultant will meet you onsite and complete a series of evaluations to ensure the home you want to build is viable on the land. They’ll review all of the site documentation for you, such as the geotech, angles and bearings, drainage plans and covenants, and use that information to provide you with guidance on things like:

• Earthworks costs (an important consideration for budgeting your build cost).
• What type of plan will suit the land, considering things like sun, slopes and services.
• Size and layout and orientation of the home to make the most of the site

With this information sorted right up front, going through the stages of designing your floorplan becomes straightforward and enjoyable. You give us your wishlist for your new home, and we’ll take care of putting your ideas together and making it work. And you can rest easy knowing with the groundwork done, there is going to be no expensive surprises coming your way down the track.


If you don’t have a section.

Perfect! Let’s meet and discuss what to look for, determine overall budget and start the section search together. The earlier we can get involved as part of the dream team the better. The great thing about the Classic Builders process, is that we become a part of your team right from the start. Helping you make all of the important decision upfront so it’s smooth sailing.

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