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The House and Land build process is managed in four steps designed to optimise resources and create a smooth and efficient process. Keeping each step simple, allows you to enjoy the journey, safe in the knowledge that your home will be delivered to the highest of standards at a price that you can afford.


Selecting the new home to match your lifestyle

Classic Builders have been in the business for over 25 years and over this time we have learned a lot about how to create a functional and stylish home to suit many different life stages and lifestyles.

Our Building Consultants are available to discuss your needs and preferences at any of our stylish Showhomes and can bring their knowledge and ideas together with your preferences to select the perfect home for you.

Taking into consideration your needs and your budget, our team will work with you to find a House and Land solution that meets the brief. Our designers have done the leg work and have drawn plan options that consider privacy, sunlight and liveability.



Depending on the stage of your build at purchase, you may be able to tailor your colour choices for your home. The colours of your home can be selected from our carefully curated palettes that are updated to align with the latest in interior design trends. 

If your home is already under construction, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our team have done their homework to create a timeless canvas for you to furnish your house to create a home.

Communication is an important tool to keep the momentum going. Our team will be engaging with external stakeholders as well as updating you on progress.

From a practical perspective, we will be working in the background with suppliers and the council to keep the process moving forward. While you use your creative flair, we will be securing consents and scheduling suppliers to prepare for the next stage.


From drawings to three-dimensional construction, your dream is realised.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your site transform as the build gets underway. Your building consultant will introduce you to your construction manager who will manage your process from this point. This will happen at your pre-construction meeting.

Classic Builders values the health and safety of everyone on site and your construction manager will brief you on site protocols and will run you through the steps as they progress. It is their job to oversee the build which includes coordinating suppliers and subcontractors and keeping you up to date.

Your construction manager is constantly ensuring the build is being completed to our high standard and you will be invited to meet onsite at critical milestones to cast your eyes over everything to ensure it meets your standards too.

We will also bring in the experts yet again. Our Quality Assurance team will be casting their experienced eagle eyes over the finest of details. A building site can be a very busy place and every one of our pool of contractors and tradies are briefed about our expectations and values and are overseen throughout the entire period of construction.

As we move towards the exciting handover date, we are as excited as you are to see your home emerge and start to look like the final product that reflects all the meticulous planning.

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Congratulations, your vision is now a tangible, liveable experience.

At Classic Builders, nothing beats a handover day. Passing on the keys to the home you have seen go from plans to reality, your construction manager and your building consultant will be there to congratulate you and walk you through your new home.  

While you may think this is where our journey ends, you will be happy to know that we are waiting in the wings while you settle into your new home. Things may need some tweaking as you move through the seasons and experience the components of your build in real life!

You will be given important details about appliances, specialist trades and any additional product warrantees that are relevant. You will also receive all the final documentation that you may need to share with all important stakeholders such as banks and insurance companies.

We will keep in touch regularly with catch-ups scheduled at three, twelve and twenty four month marks. While everything may be perfect, we want to know if it isn’t and our After Care service is on standby to repair, repaint or do anything that isn’t quite perfect. We pride ourselves on our accountability and accessibility so encourage you to stay in touch with us.

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Building a new home is a big commitment, but trust us, building the home you’ve always dreamed of is well worth it. At Classic Builders, we believe that every Kiwi should have the opportunity to live in the home they’ve always wanted. That’s why for the last 25 years, we’ve been putting together affordable house and land packages. Our team takes great pride in helping families just like yours, to finally realise their dreams, so give us a call today if you’re ready to make the move!

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