Our team has been doing some serious thinking lately about how we can help create more homes for more Kiwis. 

See, there’s been a bit of a problem growing over the years - land availability in the towns and cities that we all want to live in. Pair that with a lot of older (cold, damp) housing stock sitting on large plots of land, and the solution comes down to building smarter to make the most of the land we have.

And with many local councils around New Zealand making changes to zoning, there is a very real chance that you can do more with your land than you ever thought possible. 

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So what does this mean for you?

Lots! You could be sitting on a section that is suitable for subdividing - to help grow your nest egg for the future or enable your children to achieve their dream of homeownership. Or maybe it’s time to build a healthier, warmer home, without having to leave
the location you love.

Whatever you think is possible, or perhaps even impossible (we enjoy a challenge), all it takes is a chat with our friendly team. Because while you’re in the business of living in a home you love, we’re in the business of building dreams and creating futures.

So, what’s the next step?