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Meet The Lessings

Building a new home in the sunny Bay of Plenty is a dream come true for many, and for the Lessing's their dream has become a reality.

There was a slight difference to the way in which this build was approached, Gregory and Victoria Lessing are deaf and communicate using New Zealand Sign Language, one of NZ’s official national languages. This meant all the planning and communication with the Classic Builders team and sub-contractors involved the integration of an interpreter.

The Lessing's knew that undertaking a new-build project would be more complicated than purchasing an existing home, however, they loved the area and wanted a home they could make their own, something suited to their families' need and wants.

After reviewing several building companies, Gregory and Victoria choose Classic Builders based on reputation and supplier/sub-contractor relationships. Ensuring that everyone involved in the project was on board was hugely important as it was going to be a different project to the 'standard'.

Our suppliers and sub-contractors came to the party organising interpreters for all meetings and ensuring that the Lessing's were provided the same service as a hearing Client.

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Victoria is especially passionate about sharing their experience of undertaking a new build as for many other deaf people it may seem like a difficult undertaking. Victoria has worked as an advocate for Sign Language for many years in various roles and currently carries the role of Director/NZSL Specialist for Merge NZ.

‘There were interpreters booked for all the meetings we had. We really enjoyed the customer service experience from the details of planning through to the final build. There have been a lot of tradespeople involved in the build but we feel that it’s a very well-oiled machine and everyone worked really well together. It’s been marvellous!’ - Victoria

A few special features were added to the home to make life without hearing a little easier. Wooden flooring was used throughout the communal areas so that the vibration of steps could be felt and the office was moved to the front of the home so it was easy to see the street and visitors arriving. Additional lighting was added to the garden/entertainment area to ensure easy communication during the darker hours and flashing alarms were installed throughout.

While initially it seemed like a potentially daunting task, Gregory was pleasantly surprised with how smooth it was. ‘It’s been easy, it’s been smooth, we have had lots of faith within Classic and we’d both just like to say Thank You to the team for all they’ve done’. - Gregory

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‘Working with Greg and Victoria has been amazing; they are the nicest people and I’m happy that they’ve got their own home and love at much as we do.’ - Shona Roberts (Building Consultant)

We would like to thank Gregory and Victoria for their trust in bringing their dream to life, for teaching us New Zealand Sign Language along the way, and for an extremely rewarding and heartwarming experience. To our suppliers and sub-contractors, thank you for making our Clients experience second to none!