It was important to me that I was able to customise my home, and have the ability to add personal touches to make it more ‘me’. I didn’t want to make any of the technical design decisions - that’s what the experts are there for! A House & Land package with Classic Builders was the perfect solution for me, I was able to add my personal flair with colours and fittings to suit, with all the design and planning work being already done.

The design of the home and landscaping were already decided to comply with the development’s design requirements. I was able to customise some of the internal elements and upgrade where I saw fit, below is a list of the elements I got to customise. It’s good to understand the level of changes and upgrades available will depend on the stage of construction you purchase your House & Land package at. Purchasing off the plan will provide the best opportunity for customisation, within set parameters, as the internal colours etc haven’t been chosen. Purchasing a spec built will mean all colours and internal elements are chosen, however, you can still add your personal touch through window coverings and soft furnishings.

Colours: If I purchase off the plan I will have a consultation with a  Classic Builders colour consultant to choose the internal colours and fixtures and fittings for my home.  If the home is under construction, the interior colour scheme will have been decided by a designer and will ensure cohesion throughout the home.

Lighting: standard drop lighting is included and noted in the specifications of the build, however, if you’re looking at pendant lighting or something more specific for the kitchen this can be decided during the colour stage of the process and will be installed during the build phase.

Electrical Walkthrough: As part of the Classic Builders process I got a walkthrough consultation at my build with an electrical expert to discuss the placement of my lights, sockets and switches and the upgrades I had chosen.  I chose to add additional USB charging points around the kitchen and my bedroom.

Upgrades: depending on your budget you can upgrade different elements of your new home. I wanted to upgrade to a stone benchtop and this was one of the ‘standard upgrades’ offered by Classic Builders, making it super easy. Other upgrades include (note that these differ between developments): kitchen appliances, kitchen splashbacks, water filters, tiled showers, tapware, grooved doors, carpet, tiles, garage carpet and additional heat pumps.

Soft Furnishings: this is the fun part! When you are in your home you can add any personal touches through couches, cushions, wall art etc. I chose a natural colour pallet for bigger furniture items, and styled them with pops of colour through the smaller elements such as cushions, giving me the ability to change these to suit my mood and the season.

With a House & Land package, I can create a home that not only meets my functional requirements but also reflects my style and personality. My new house feels like home because I still got to play a part in its creation and the design makes it a very liveable space.