Quick Questions with Adam: Canterbury Regional Manager


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I wanted to be Indiana Jones or Tom Cruise, like Top Gun style.

When you're not in the office or onsite, where are you?

The beach, probably surfing or on my motor bike getting lost somewhere.

Advise for Designing & Building your dream home?

Being realistic about your budget, doing the work upfront and spending the time to nail it before you start. Spend time on the design to get it right.

What are your non negotiables in a home?

I wouldn't underestimate good landscaping, that's just the icing on the cake of a home. Lots of people spend lots of money on their kitchen and their bathroom, but you're not spending lots of time in your bathroom.

We like to entertain so I would say outdoors being finished and looking really nice.

Do you have any tips and tricks?

It's about getting the right team together and understanding that everyone has a role to play, part of that team is the Client. Being real that each person in that relationship has a role to play too. There might be the dreamer, and without them you wouldn't be going through this process. Equally there is naturally someone that is the financial controller, if it wasn't for them you would get carried away.

Favourite place you have visited?

Germany, any number of the beer halls. Anywhere with meat and beer was good.

Ultimate dinner date?

Graham Henry! I have seen him speak before and he's a pretty funny guy and also has good stories and experiences to share.

What's your favourite style of home?

I think all Kiwi's like that open plan kind of feeling and connection. I personally like a pavilion style home with everything opening seamlessly out to the pool and outdoor area.

What trends are you loving?

1930 is making a comeback with the pastels, brushed bronze, fluted glass.

What's one 'must have' in your home?

A bar!