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Meet Steph

Steph George is living proof that a little sacrifice can go a long way. At just 27 years old, Steph built her first home with Classic Builders in Rotorua. Steph’s homeownership results from some savvy sacrifice, tenacious research and old-fashioned hard work.

Steph’s Classic Team

Steph first caught up with her Building Consultant, Stephen, who took her through the build process and was there to support and guide her through her build journey. Working with Colour Consultant, Corina, Steph spent time in the Design Centre where she was able to select her colours, materials, fittings, and fixtures. Construction Manager, Ethan, project managed the build coming to life and kept Steph up-to-date with all the exciting progress.

"Classic allowed me to make this house a home, and I could select my kitchen and flooring tiles, wall colour and carpet. I also added a kitchen island, the team worked with me to fit everything I needed."

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Moving into a new home can create the temptation to splurge on new furnishings, however Steph applied her talents to her existing furniture and the results are impressive. From upcycling drawers with paint and new handles, to recovering chairs with curtain fabric, her results are an example of how you can get stylish furnishings with minimal cost, low effort and a little bit of talent and imagination.

Steph’s advice

Steph’s advice to those looking to enter the property market is to "keep going and explore all options". Having faced initial rejection from lenders, she took on board what she was told she needed to do to get her deposit up and her tenacity paid off, as she was able to access a mortgage thanks to Kiwibank. Working with a mortgage manager who provided solutions to barriers and ended up finding a workable outcome was key.

As living proof that home ownership can be achieved with focus and the right build partner, Steph is now enjoying the fruit of her labour, “I couldn’t recommend Classic Builders enough because of how effortless and easy it is to work with them. They made the process flawless."

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