Beginners guide to building a new home
The Beginners Guide to Building a Home
Tempted at the idea of building, but intimidated by the enormity of it? It's normal to not know where to start.
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How to Plan Your New Home's Interior
Building a new home offers a rare opportunity to explore your interior design style. Here are some tips for getting started.
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Showhome Shopping Tips
Are you planning on Showhome shopping sometime soon? Get the most out of your experience with these tips.
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NZ's Favourite House Plans
Every dream home starts with a dream floorplan. To help you get started, we've collated some of our clients' favourite plans.
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What to Expect When Meeting a Home Builder
Initiating the conversation and meeting with a builder can be scary. To help, here's some insight into what you can expect.
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Get to Know Your Neighbours
Off the top of your head, do you know your neighbours names? Here are the three best reasons to get to know your neighbours after moving in.
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Renovating vs Building New
Renovating never is quite what the TV shows make it out to be. Let’s take a look at which option is right for you.
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How to Build to Catch Light
Building your home to catch the best amount of natural light starts from the foundations – literally. There are some things to consider when building your dream home from scratch to make the most of sunlight.
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Mastering the Master Bedroom
How do you make sure you get your master bedroom right? We break down the 5 things every home builder needs to consider when it comes to their master bedroom!
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