As a new home buyer there is a lot to consider; do I purchase an existing property, go down the Design & Build route, or opt for a House & Land package?

When weighing up my decision, I found there were several compelling benefits to a House & Land package, making my decision to purchase off the plan straightforward.

Classic Builders have over 25 years’ of experience creating packages to maximise the potential of each site, providing the best layout and ensuring the home will suit my lifestyle. I was able to add my own flair with colours and fittings to suit my style, with all the technical decisions were taken care of - leave it to the experts I say!

A few key factors for me were:

Convenience; Opting for a House & Land package provided me with a one-stop solution. I had a selection of packages in prime locations, with different floor plan options. With all the hard work already done.

Cost saving; With a budget and being pre-approved for a set amount, choosing a House & Land package was perfect as there were no hidden costs. It was the most cost-effective way to get into my newly built home.

Customisations; While the layout and external colours were locked in, I was still able to add my personal touch by choosing from a set of colour palettes, carpets, tiles and my kitchen benchtop.

Timeliness; As soon as I signed on the dotted line, building promptly started as the plans were consented and pouring my floor was scheduled. This enabled me to get into my home sooner. It was awesome being able to follow the detailed building schedule that my Construction Manager provided, throughout the process.

Reduced risk; Choosing Classic Builders to bring my new home to life was easy. They are a reputable building company that has branches from Northland to Queenstown and has been around for over 25 years.

Overall, I would recommend a House & Land package from Classic Builders to all my friends and whanau looking to get into their new home. It offered me convenient, cost-effective, semi-customisable, low-risk options for my first home!


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