Whether you’re a first home buyer or next home buyer, you’re looking for an investment property or you’ve never purchased a new build before, Classic Builders Building Consultants are there to help. I was extremely ‘green’ coming into the process of purchasing a House & Land package and I know many people are in the same boat, and it can seem daunting. Rest assured that asking the 10 questions below in your initial meeting will help you feel informed and educated right at the start. No question is a silly question and Classic Builders were super helpful throughout the whole process.

  1. What is included in a House & Land package?
  • Having a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions is important, so there are no surprises.
  1. Can I customise or upgrade aspects of the house design?
  • Knowing what you can and can’t change within the House & Land package ensures understanding where you can personalise your new home from a selection, and where additional funds may be required for upgrades that are important to you.
  1. What is the estimated timeline for construction?
  • Having a solid building schedule is important for future planning and financing.
  1. What is the builders’ track record and experience with House & Land packages?
  • Asking questions regarding their reputation, past projects and customer reviews is a great way to gauge reliability to complete your new home to the highest quality without any hidden or additional costs.
  1. What warranties and guarantees are provided?
  • Knowing the extent of the coverage throughout the build and post-handover is essential to ensure continuity of care when you’re in your new home.
  1. What contract & payment options are available?
  • Understanding when you will need to pay a deposit and the required payment structure throughout the build will help with the lending side of things.
  • There are usually cost savings for progress payments vs turnkey packages, be sure to ask your Building Consultant to explain your options.
  1. What are the legal and contractual obligations of the building contract?
  • Make sure you review all legal documentation and ask questions if you’re unsure.
  1. Are there any future developments planned for the area?
  • What/if any additions are planned for the area and how will these impact the value of my home?
  1. What if something is not right after I move in?
  • If anything unexpected pops up it’s good to have the reassurance that there is a dedicated team there to help.
  1. What is the process once I find a house I like?

By asking these questions I felt even more sure in my decision to purchase a House & Land package with Classic Builders. Their years of experience, expert guidance, and willingness to help set them apart. My Building Consultant was invested in working with me to help me get into my first home - I can hand on heart say I would do it again and I have no hesitation in recommending Classic Builders to my friends and whanau.


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