What Is It?

Your property may not meet the criteria for subdivision, however, there are still great options for getting more out of the land you have. If your local Council rules allow, adding an additional habitable building to your own section provides more space for family or friends to stay, an ‘at-home’ workspace that offers segregation from your living space, or a great revenue source as a holiday rental.

We can work with you to design a habitable building that both complies with building and planning rules, and possibly more importantly, utilises the space you have available and optimises the use of your land to ensure the desired outcome.

Why Would I Do It?

As the cost of living remains high, multi-generational living arrangements are becoming popular. This can be a great solution providing security for retiring grandparents who may be able to help busy families with childcare while retaining some independence. It is also a great solution for young adults who are studying or saving for their own home but need a little space and independence.

The world has changed and working from home has become a much more popular solution, saving commute times, reducing sickness rates and generally improving productivity and a work-life balance. But it is equally as important that you can shut off your work at the end of the day. An additional dwelling can reduce the commute to seconds and provide an ideal workspace that doesn’t encroach on family life.

Can I Do It?

Your Classic Builders Building Consultant can review the location of your site along with the local Council rules to enable them to provide you with design ideas and solutions that meet your needs.

So, what’s the next step?