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Greenhill Park is a modern suburbia offering high-quality, affordable House & Land Packages with easy access to a wide range of amenities, including eateries, medical clinics, Montessori House of Children and Super Value Supermarket.

GreenhillPark lifestyle


The grass is greener (quite literally) at Greenhill Park. One of the defining characteristics of this new community is the 16 hectares of land set aside as public open space to enjoy, including fields, reserves and exercise stations.

"Right at the start, they said they’d do the right thing by us. If we discussed something we wanted, they’d make ‘it happen - we had complete faith.” 

Matt & Celeste

IMG 6827
2 McHaffie Way, Greenhill park
IMG 6989
1 Rehua Drive, River Terraces
IMG 7001
1 Rehua Drive, River Terraces
IMG 6846
1 Rehua Drive, River Terraces
IMG 7045
1 Rehua Drive, River Terraces