Classic Builders has House & Land packages throughout New Zealand, in prime locations. As a new home buyer, it was important to me that I was close to local amenities, within walking distance of a public transport route, and that there were plenty of walking/biking tracks in the area.

There are several advantages to purchasing in a new development/subdivision, no matter what’s important to you, you can rest assured that every aspect of the area has been meticulously designed by the developer.

Below are some key points to consider when looking at the area your new home is in:

Community Amenities; Well-planned amenities that come with a new development are second to none. The parks, playgrounds, access to local amenities and green spaces enhance your lifestyle and provide ample opportunity for recreation and socialising within the neighbourhood.

Infrastructure and Services; I find it reassuring to know that the developer has invested in essential infrastructure such as roading, utilities and landscaping. Ensuring that you’ll have access to modern amenities and services from the moment of moving in, without worrying about outdated infrastructure issues.

Appreciation Potential; Buying in a new development presents the potential for property appreciation over time. As the neighbourhood grows and matures, property values are likely to increase, offering a potential capital gains in the long term – this is harder to achieve with an existing building without adding additional value yourself.

Building Standards and Regulations; My home, and my neighbours, are constructed to the highest quality (healthy homes standard).

Community Cohesion; Here in New Zealand we all love being part of a community, think ‘small town New Zealand’. Being one of the first to build in the development allowed me to build connections with my future neighbours and shape the identity of the community. This helped me foster a real sense of belonging within the community which I love!

Peace of mind; Choosing a Classic Builders House & Land package in a new development gives me peace of mind knowing that the neighbourhood is planned and designed with the residents' needs in mind. From safety considerations to aesthetic appeal, I can rest assured that I'm investing in a well-thought-out and maintained development with covenants in place to protect my investment.

As a new home buyer, it was important for me that I loved the location. I wanted somewhere to be proud to call home for years to come, somewhere that was modern, close to local amenities and most importantly somewhere where I felt at home -  Classic Builders does this well. For anyone looking to purchase a House & Land package, Classic Builders has a solid reputation for building sort-after communities. Building early allows you to reap the benefits, with no regrets.