Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Moving into a brand new home, should be thrilling and the chance to create the home you have dreamed of. We have compiled a few guidelines to make this process as enjoyable as it should be!

Your Construction Manager will be in regular contact with you to ensure you are well-informed about your handover day. As it approaches there is some administration and preparation required to ensure your transition runs as smoothly as possible.

Having a list of tasks and things to remember can help remove that overwhelming feeling and break out your tasks into digestible chunks and time groups or priorities.

Start with the things you can arrange well in advance and will happen automatically if scheduled in advance…..

Discontinue or redirect essential services

  • Telephone/Internet Services
  • Sky/Pay TV
  • Gas and electricity
  • Water
  • Online delivery services

Advising of your address change – who needs to know?

  • Post office for redirection of mail
  • Your bank / credit card companies
  • Hire purchase company
  • Your insurance company to transfer your cover on house, contents and motor vehicles
  • Your life insurance company
  • Your health insurance company
  • NZTA – vehicle registration
  • Club Memberships
  • Publications to which you subscribe
  • Your solicitors and accountants
  • Online shopping – don’t want someone else to receive our purchases


Then think about what you need to arrange for the move. Here are some thought starters…

Planning the move

Will you use a moving company?

  • Get a couple of quotes from suppliers
  • Appoint and confirm your moving company

If you are not using a company, who will help you on the day?

  • Can you bribe friends and family with free pizza?
  • Are they physically able to lift heavy things?
  • Do you have the right vehicles to move everything?
  • Will one truck be cost-effective compared to loads of journeys?
  • Can someone have the smaller kids on the day?

Have you decluttered?

  • Room by room, check if you want to take everything with you?
  • Have a keep/giveaway/throwaway pile
  • Ask someone to help with the giveaway pile BEFORE you move!

Have you thought about your furry friends?

  • Talk to your vet for some tips on how to make the pets comfortable
  • Arrange kennelling/cattery etc. for the moving days so you can focus on them when they arrive in their new surroundings


The week of the move is going to be busy and stressful. There are jobs that may seem like they need to be completed all at once. Make a list by day based on what you need to use up to the last minute, so you have a clear plan. Here is an example of the tasks that may feature….

The week before you move

  • Dismantle fragile kit set furniture
  • Have BBQ/heater gas bottles professionally purged for transport
  • Disconnect TV and make note of what plugs in where if needed (a photo is a great way to remember this!)
  • Water plants being moved one week prior to your move (for nationwide moves only)
  • Make sure you have the boxes clearly marked with the room they are going to and the rooms clearly marked when you get there i.e. bedroom 1,2,3 – post-it notes are made for this!


The day before your move

  • Defrost freezers
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Ensure washing machine taps are turned off
  • Identify the items for your “Priority Cartons” – those items you want first on delivery/or the items for temporary use if going via storage
  • Arrange a simple breakfast for move day and empty the dishwasher!
  • Disconnect your computer and monitor, server or printer (again photos are great reminders)
  • Confirm timings with your moving team


Moving Day

 Have a good sleep the night before and have breakfast nice and early! Dress for exercise and be ready to get moving! Make sure you have water and snacks on hand and sunscreen or raincoats depending on the weather.


The Cleanup

This can be the toughest part of the move! If you can afford a professional cleaning company, then this will be money well spent. If not, ensure you have plenty of time and help as it is always a bigger task than you imagine.



 This can take a wee while so don’t pressure yourself to have everything perfect within a couple of days. Make sure your beds are made and your kitchen essentials are on hand on moving day and enjoy the process of creating your new spaces as you unpack your belongings.


Don’t forget to pick up your pets and kids but make sure you take a moment to breathe and enjoy your new home for a couple of minutes first!