Our Design & Build options put you in control of the decisions that matter most to you. Whether you want to design your home from scratch, or draw inspiration from one of our plans, our expert team will work with you to bring your dream to life.


Where do you want to live? How many bedrooms? Who will be living in the home?

Talk to your bank

Visit your bank or broker to understand your budget.

Find a section

Start by searching sections for sale in the area you’re looking to build to get a gauge on prices and availability. Our consultants are happy to work with you through this process.

Dig a little deeper

Review the Title, Covenants (if any), Geotech, LIM Reports, and any other available information with an expert to ensure an informed review of the property and any potential risks.

Engage your solicitor

If you have a solicitor, great! If not, now’s a good time to find one. Ask friends or family to recommend someone they trust.


Partner with us

Work with Classic Builders, we listen and understand your vision. We can connect you with others who have been through our build process so you can get independent feedback to give you peace of mind.


Site evaluation

We will meet you onsite to evaluate your section. Assess things like earthworks, sun, services and contour, to ensure any challenges are identified upfront. This ensures your pricing and timeframes are accurate down the track.


Create your blueprint

Work with us to get all of your ideas onto paper and start creating a floorplan. Size, layout, orientation, and room requirements – your entire home will come to life during this stage.


Fixtures and fittings

When you’ve finalised your floorplan, we will source quotes from the suppliers required to build your home and put together a schedule of all construction materials and fittings.

Quote & Contracts

The final quote and contract documents will be presented to you by our Building Consultant. Once you’ve signed the documents, your build can be prepared to submit to council. It’s then time to get on to the fun stuff, like picking colours.

Everything is coming together

Your build will start coming to life and hitting milestones. Throughout the build you will be invited onsite as well as receiving regular updates to check out how it’s looking and ensure everything is tracking to plan.


Progress payments

You will be invoiced as key milestones in the build are completed. You’ll work with your bank or broker to draw down on your mortgage to pay these invoices.



We will arrange a walk-through with you before the final handover. Settlement generally happens ten days after the code of compliance is issued. You’ll need to pay your final invoice before you can move in.

Move in day!

Once all payments are made the keys are yours, you can move in. Welcome home!

Warranty / Classic Care

After you move in we stick around and support you with Classic Care and our 10-year structural warranty.