Designing My Dream Home

The possibilities were practically endless when it came to designing my new home from scratch. It was exciting, but also a little overwhelming. However, I broke it down into bite-sized pieces, each playing a crucial role in shaping the overall finish of my house, creating a home that I absolutely love living in.

Starting with the Floor Plan

The floor plan was all about envisioning the big picture for my home’s layout. It determined how I would move from space to space and the kind of lifestyle I would enjoy.


My budget influenced my floor plan choices. Starting with a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves helped me prioritize what was non-negotiable and what could be adjusted if needed.


Sun orientation was key. In New Zealand, most homes have living rooms facing north to maximize natural light and passive heating. Knowing my preferences and discussing them with my builder was crucial, especially for a house & land package or a design & build scenario.


Considering neighbors' proximity and outdoor spaces was important. Balancing common and private spaces, like bedrooms, storage, and garaging requirements, ensured my family’s needs were met.


Deciding on the overall size of my home was another consideration. While some housing developments have size restrictions, smart design practices allowed for flexible, multi-use spaces.

Details Make the Difference

Personalization through details was key to achieving the look and feel I wanted. Carefully selecting tapware, fixtures, fittings, and flooring added the ‘wow’ factor.

High & Low Maintenance

Choosing finishes that suited my lifestyle was crucial. Opting for low maintenance surfaces and durable materials ensured my home remained functional and beautiful.

Extra Details

Considering storage needs for sporting gear and ideal prep spaces in the kitchen helped optimize usability. Thoughtful lighting choices enhanced different areas of my home.


Future-proofing my home with features like charging stations for electric cars and energy-efficient elements added long-term value and sustainability.

Choosing the Right Builder

Feeling overwhelmed? The good news is I didn’t have to make all these decisions alone. Working with the experienced team at Classic Builders and their team of designers was essential. Choosing a reputable company that understood my vision and offered tailored solutions was key to the success of my home building journey.

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