Welcome to your new neighbourhood

A unique offering unlike anything else in Kihikihi. Kihikihi offers a variety of things to do, a small township where a space centre rivals an important historical legacy for attention. Grab some treats from a very well-known local bakery and discover the district by exploring the Kihikihi heritage trail. 



Enjoy everything Kihikihi has to offer! From a space centre to historical sites there is something for everyone. Kihikihi is also a second-hand shoppers’ dream, the main street, Lyon St, has numerous second-hand clothing stores and a second-hand bookstore filled to the brim with books of all sorts. Though a small town, there is plenty to see and do with a rich history.

Only a 5-minute drive to Te Awamutu and a 30-minute drive to Hamilton. Kihikihi is a small town that boasts a family-friendly environment that will be enjoyed by all.  

We have two packages still available, all on flat sunny sections  These packages are in great proximity to local shops, reserves and the township.

“Right at the start, they said they’d do the right thing by us. If we discussed something we wanted, they’d make ‘it happen - we had complete faith.”

Matt & Celeste Armstrong