Welcome to your new neighbourhood

We all have dreams – and while making them come true is the ultimate goal, it’s the moments in between that make the end destination that much better. Like walking through the forest. Swimming in the ocean. Picking fresh herbs from your garden. And being connected to the people and places you care about. Hunua Views is an anchor to enjoy these little moments.

Edgewater Apartment Balcony Hobsonville Point


Across Auckland, apartment living is growing in popularity. And with vibrant new communities like Hobsonville Point popping up, it's easy to understand why.

Trading big backyards and hefty mortgages for well-designed communities and an enjoyable lifestyle is becoming the norm in New Zealand's largest city. Edgewater Apartments have been designed for people of all ages and stages of life, complemented with extensive green spaces, walkable neighbourhoods and a vibrant hospitality scene.

“Right at the start, they said they’d do the right thing by us. If we discussed something we wanted, they’d make ‘it happen - we had complete faith.”

Matt & Celeste