Step 1


Do you have land? Our first step is to do a site evaluation and check it’s good to go. If you don’t have land, our Building Consultants can help you find the perfect section for the home you’re looking to build.

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Coming to life

Once that’s sorted, you’ll work with your Building Consultant to turn your ideas into a blueprint for your home. Size, layout, orientation, room requirements, roof types – your entire home will come to life during this stage.

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Step 2


Time to bring out your inner artist, let's create your masterpiece.

In this step, we focus on the finer details, like colour. We're committed to ensuring your home reflects your style, our colour experts will guide you through every step of the way.


One of our friendly team members will make contact with you at various points along the way, just to make sure you’re happy with how your new home is progressing. We hope you don’t mind; we will ask regular questions as your feedback is important to us. Plus, our team offers several tips, information, and maybe a few pleasant surprises along the way to help make your home building process enjoyable.

Step 3


Everything is coming together! Your Building Consultant will introduce you to your Construction Manager, who’ll be your main point of contact moving forward and your eyes and ears onsite.

The Construction Manager oversees the entire build, coordinating with the suppliers and subcontractors and ensuring everything sits at a high standard. Throughout the build, you’ll be invited onsite at critical milestones to ensure it meets your standards, too. 

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Sticklers for quality

Our Quality Assessors will also visit your home throughout the construction process. Using our assurance checklist they will ensure nothing is missed. If anything’s not right the first time, we will make sure it’s right before we sign it off.

  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings excellent
  • Weatherboards all trim and undamaged, paint excellent
  • Roof of excellent quality
  • Joinery in excellent condition
  • Landscaping complete
  • Concrete excellent
  • Kitchen Cabinetry excellent
  • Benchtops defect-free
  • Tiles excellent
  • ...And much more!

Step 4


You did it. Congratulations! And, welcome home. Our handover process involves meeting you at the front door and taking you through your new home. Once we’ve handed over the keys, we’ll touch base over the next few months to make sure everything’s ok. If you miss us, we’ll happily pop round for a cuppa and a catch-up.