“It’s a great place to bring the kids up"


Steve Hancox had only been in his new build for one week when he shared his home building story.

His Classic Builders home was still well and truly abuzz with excitement as Steve, his wife Chanelle, and their young sons happily tackled the business of settling in.

It’s a brave statement, but Steve is saying he suspects this Cromwell house could well be their forever home. He and Chanelle love their home and its lake and mountain views. A walkway next to their house leads straight to the lake and their 180m2 house sits on a 1,100m2 site, just perfect for play for Luka (2) and Hunter (6). All up, the Hancox adults say it’s quite a fabulous lifestyle package.

“It’s a great place to bring the kids up. We’re a happy family,” Steve says.
Adding to their sense of satisfaction is the fact the journey from idea conception to build completion was one smooth ride.

“People told us it is very stressful building a new home. But there was no stress. The building process was surprisingly easy for us - it just all went so smoothly,” says Steve who is part-owner of Mane Contracting Otago Central.

Mane Contracting carry out patio and driveway concreting jobs for Classic Builders so, Steve says, he had first-hand knowledge of the excellent workmanship they were signing up for.

“I know most of the guys at Classic, so I was pretty keen to go with them. I did ring around a few other housing companies, but it was a no brainer really,” says Steve.

Chanelle and Steve say moving into their new home has been a true milestone – it is their first new build. What they’ve built is a four-bedroom home, with open plan main living, and a media room/playroom that can be shut off. The boys each have their own bedroom, leaving one room dedicated to guests. There’s an ensuite and walk-in-wardrobe for the alpha male and woman of the house. Their next big dream is a grand deck that can be accessed from the main living areas and the master bedroom, making the most of the view over their big section and the majesty of the lake and mountains beyond.

Their home’s exterior features two gable fronts clad in cedar – the marriage of cedar and white-painted plaster is a happy one at this address. White is the predominant paint colour inside the home too and the non-carpeted areas feature quickstep laminate flooring with a whitewash finish. The kitchen cabinetry is also white, contrasting the grey, three-dimensional splash back. White brick-patterned tiles line the walls above the bathroom basins and bath. In contrast, the joinery is flaxpod black. Furnishings will add the pops of colour, Chanelle plans.

Steve and Chanelle say their home looks good and feels great.

“It’s a really nice, warm, and well-built home,” Steve enthuses. “Moving into a house, created the way you want it is really special.”

He recalls the early days when he and Chanelle poured over different house plans on the internet. They took the parts they liked into Classic Builders and the team there put their ideas together and made it all work.

“The sales rep we sat down with at the start to discuss our plans was awesome. He definitely knew what he was talking about, knew what would look good and function well and he was a great listener.”

Also receiving “awesome” status was their project manager.

“If we had any little issues he would get on the phone and sort things straight away. He’s proving to be great on the follow-up service too.”

What really puts the icing on the new-build cake, is having the boys’ grandparents living close by.

Steve’s parents are looking at building a house in Cromwell too. No prizes for guessing which company they’re looking at using and which company their son will be recommending!