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Home-ownership Possible for Waikato Students


Hamilton - vibrant heart of the mighty waikato; home to sprawling farmland, persistent fog and one very infamous river. The university too, is a worldwide drawcard - luring students from all corners of the globe. Many return home after graduation, but every now and then, one or two remain. As bewitching as it is, it’s not always the land of the long white cloud, with which they fall in love.

Gabriela Budin Daniel is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She first came to New Zealand during her last year of high school.

“I came here on an exchange programme and loved it so much, I decided to return for university”.

To finance her student lifestyle, Gabriela took a job at the local cinema. It’s here, she met and fell in love with Hamilton born and raised, Charlotte. Together, they have built their first home with Classic Builders.

Gabriela and Charlotte settled into their Greenhill Park abode in July last year. A busy lifestyle requires balance, so to counteract hectic schedules, they opted for Classic Builder’s, House and Land Package; a simple solution which matched their situation perfectly.

”I work fulltime, attend CrossFit up to five times a week and in my weekends, freelance as a web designer. Charlotte is a full time science student at the university. In order for us to focus, our home needed to be as fuss free as possible”.

“We both dislike D.I.Y, so we knew our home had to be relatively low maintenance. We were excited by the idea, of owning something new. Charlotte’s family home was constantly being worked on, so living in a completely finished house is amazing for her. In comparison to an older home, a new home is a breeze and doesn’t involve sanding, paint drips or dust. In fact, there’s not much to do and what does need doing, we both really enjoy”.

A place to call their own, has allowed Gabriela and Charlotte the capacity to build a garden bed, growing the majority of their produce. Plans to install a spa pool are in place and thanks to the large outdoor patio and generous size of the back lawn, there’s plenty of room to do so.

Ensuring themselves a little luxury, the master bedroom includes the must have’s - ensuite, walk in wardrobe and very own, private patio. With structure and layout taken care of, Gabriela and Charlotte had time to add a personalised touch to the interior fit out.

“We love the monochrome colour scheme we chose for the kitchen – the black cabinetry contrasts the white benchtop and marble-look floor tiles perfectly. We were thrilled when Classic Builders gave us the option to upgrade our benchtop to a thicker version, because it meant we were able to achieve the result we were originally going for. We found it appealing to be given the opportunity, to tailor certain aspects of the build, which would better suit our taste”.

Hamilton homes, more often than not, are steeped in history. Villas and bungalows, although glorious to look at, require a lot of love and continual upkeep. Living in the chilly cicada city, spurs even the toughest of seasoned farmers to fantasise about warmth, let alone a girl acclimatised to the South American heat. Thanks to double glazing and insulation, Gabriela found the transition effortless.

“Classic Builders helped make it possible for us to own something that’s all ours. They are good at what they do, simply by communicating. The entire process was straight forward and we were kept informed throughout. Building a home doesn’t need to be overwhelming, but it helps to have a clear idea of what you want. If you can afford to pay a little extra to upgrade fittings or materials, do it. It makes a huge difference to the end result and is worth it, to get the look and feel you imagined”.

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