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"We see this home as an investment - it's an opportunity to set us up long term."

Sensible words from banker, Matt Armstrong. He, along with wife Celeste and three children, recently moved into their new home. Spanning over 34 meters end to end, it sits on a generously proportioned lifestyle block, just south of Auckland.

We want four children, so finding something big enough, in the right area and at the right price that we actually liked… Well, it wasn’t possible - buying just wasn’t an option. This way, we get to choose what we want, how we want it and with plenty of space.”

As an electrical inspector, Roneel visits four or five brand new homes every day. He used this experience to select the perfect house plan for his family, snagging layout ideas and inspiration.

Classic Builders was one of his top options because of “the finishing of the homes I experienced through working with them and how they deal with their people and trades.”

Roneel settled on a large family home plan, with four bedrooms, a double garage, and a master bedroom; complete with an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

The living areas are a highlight, soaking up the sun throughout the day, but Roneel feels it’s his kitchen and office that makes his home feel like perfection.

“We wanted a good study, where you can operate a business and we wanted it at the front of the house with a window, so you can see who’s coming and going."

“My wife likes the kitchen, she made all the choices there and wanted a scullery in particular. The bench-top, colour combinations and lighting work really well together.”

Drawing inspiration from his experience as an electrical inspector, Roneel added a few touches to really make the house his own.

He installed LED lighting throughout his beloved kitchen and bathroom to add atmosphere, while also using sensor technology to make life a whole lot easier once the sun goes down.

“Under the bathroom vanity we have an LED there and it operates with a sensor so as soon as you enter, it lights up; which is good for the kids, especially at night.

“It also makes late-night shops easier as all the LEDs light up the hallway as you’re walking, so you can easily carry all your bags.”

Finally, Roneel made use of Classic Builders’ complimentary interior design service for peace of mind when it came to his home’s colour scheme.

“They helped us make sure there were no mistakes or regrets later on,” Roneel said.

The Chand family are loving life in their new, warm and bright home and recommend Classic Builders as a friendly team you can trust.

“You can believe that they’re going to do whatever you ask them to, they were very easy to deal with.”