100th Home Milestone in Wellington


Classic Builders, one of New Zealand’s largest residential builders, has hit a milestone build - completing their 100th home in the Wellington region.

Having been in operation for two and a half years (following a year of establishing the main development site and building their first showhome), the Wellington branch is moving in strides towards their goal of building 150 homes in the area– but this goal will always come second to creating a great client experience.

“We pride ourselves on the client experience we deliver right from the start - from when you walk into the showhome or the salesroom, right through to handover and beyond,” says Regional Manager, Brad Turner, who believes the care his team consistently brings to every client experience is the main driver of Classic’s impressive growth in the region.

“Along with our client-focused approach, being aligned with great suppliers and contractors who take pride in their work allows us to feel confident when handing over the keys - we’d happily live in the home ourselves. That’s really important to us because most of our clients are making one of their biggest lifetime investments.”

2020 has had its fair share of challenges, but Brad and his Wellington team are forecasting an even bigger year next year. “There’s a shortage of quality homes in Wellington, so it’s no surprise our showhomes in Brookside and Navigation Heights are really busy at the moment,” Brad explains. “Our design and build services are especially in hot demand – not just in the city but further up the Kapiti Coast. We have a number of design and build projects up there at the moment which are high-end homes on prime, big sites. We’ve also designed, and are now building, some beautiful homes in Aotea, Whitby and Upper Hutt.”

Many clients are word-of-mouth referrals, so it’s no surprise the proud homeowner of the 100th build was nudged in Classic’s direction by their godsons. “My godsons are both planning to build, and they’d been to the Classic Builder’s showroom. When they came to visit, they couldn’t help but rave about their options - so we visited the showroom that weekend and it all rolled forward from there.”

Because Classic took care of “most of the tricky stuff”, the homeowner found the build process itself very easy. “It was all very relaxing and wasn't pressured in any shape or form. It was more ‘here’s the plan’, ‘have a look’, ‘what do you think?’, ‘what are you feeling?’, ‘what are you thinking about?’. It was an easy process to fall into.”

Looking forward to enjoying their new home when the keys are handed over at the end of the month, the homeowner’s favourite aspects include the open and spacious kitchen (overlooking hills and native bush), the size and colour of the harder-to-source bricks, and the home’s single-level design, which eliminates stairs and future-proofs their investment.

Thinking about building? Classic Builders’ 100th build homeowner wouldn’t hesitate to recommend choosing Classic as your build partner. “Go for it,” he says. “Jump in with both feet!”