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Everyone dreams of the perfect home, but it can’t be done alone - you’ll need a home builder to help you through the numerous tasks and considerations of developing your house plans. As you draw up your project brief, you will need a deep understanding of how every decision you make affects the other aspects of your home. That’s why the expertise of your home builder is so valuable. A good home builder is a resource that can help you create an achievable and affordable pathway toward your dream home. Continue reading to find out five things you can learn from your home builder.

1. Land

The land upon which you intend to build is the first major consideration as your design comes together. Flat land with high soil quality is the ideal condition for a new build. Uneven or angled terrain pose challenges that will affect your floor plan and construction techniques. Meanwhile, poor soil quality, such as loose or rocky soil, could add significant costs to your construction. Your home builder can help arrange the necessary land surveys to assess construction costs based on the specifics of your land. In addition, you will need to develop a construction plan based on whether your building site is an undeveloped lot, a subdivision of developed property, or a demolition of an existing home.

2. Style

There’s plenty of stylistic choices to make to design a home that best reflects your personality and priorities. Ideally, you want to build something as stylish and arresting as show homes can be. Your home builder will be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of different floor plans and other aspects of special planning. Simple decisions such as the direction your house faces can make a major impact on the quality of lighting in your living spaces. Share your interests and lifestyle with your home builders - they can help by recommending stylistic choices that reflect your needs and steer you away from mistakes like under-utilised rooms.

3. Efficiency

Your HVAC setup won’t be much fun to think about, but it will be one of the biggest ongoing expenses in your new home. Your home builder can offer valuable advice regarding your proposed home’s energy efficiency. They can calculate the additional heating or cooling costs that might arise from floor-to-ceiling windows or skylights, and can recognize when underlit or poorly-circulated rooms will be vulnerable to mould.

4. Timeline

Everything you do to build your dream house will take time, and fitting all your construction plans into a specified time frame will require the expert analysis of your home builder. They can draw on their deep well of experience to create a realistic schedule, and help you determine what you can reasonably expect to accomplish within a reasonable time frame.

5. Budget

Everyone who dreams of building their own home has the same fear – that unanticipated expenses will run their budget far beyond what they can afford, sinking their project and swamping them with debt. If you’re not a home builder yourself, it is unlikely you will be able to anticipate every cost that should arise when constructing your home. Your home builder can lay out in detail what expenses you should expect, so that your budget is accurate up front.

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