How to Plan Your New Home's Interior


Building a new home offers a rare opportunity to explore your interior design style. For some, this can be extremely intimidating, for others, it's a lifelong dream.

Regardless of your experience or enthusiasm towards interior design, it's something that's important to get right when building a new home. And we're committed to helping you create a space that looks and feels like home for you and your family - even if you're not 100% sure what that is.

Here are some tips for getting started.

Figure out what you don't like

If you're unsure about what you do want, try starting with what you don't want.

This will eliminate choices from the equation and help you narrow in on your options. Pictures can help, and we always recommend keeping screenshots and cut-outs to demonstrate your ideas and to start pulling together a vision. 

Think back

Cast your mind back to homes and places you've been to before. Restaurants, homes you've lived in or visited, even outdoor spaces can all offer small insights into the kind of spaces that resonate with you.

Think about the spaces that make you feel calm, inspired or energetic. What do you want your home to feel like when you walk through the door? Note down some words that come to mind.

Allow room for creativity 

You don't need to know exactly what you want right away. So give yourself time and room to explore all the options. If you're tech-savvy, create a mood-board on Pinterest. If you're more dexterous, get a pinboard out and start cutting out ideas and inspiration from magazines. 

Ask for help

There are plenty of people and places you can turn to for help along the way. Pinterest is a great place to start, and home design magazines offer tons of photos showcasing the latest styles, colours and looks. 

As part of your colour consult with Classic Builders, we'll work with you to form a moodboard for your home. From the exterior bricks to the tiles in your ensuite, we're here to help validate your ideas and turn your mood boards into a dream home you'll love to live in. And we've got plenty of tools to share with you that will help you along the way.

What's next

Feeling better? Chomping at the bit? Let's get stuck into it. When you're ready, we have a variety of Showhomes for New Zealand clients in search of some interior design inspiration. Or if you’ve still got some lingering questions, let's have a chat.