Goodbye rats and rentals, hello warm new home!

Michelle Batty only wanted three things from Classic Builders when she built her first home: insulation, double glazing and no rats.

What she has now is so much more than that, it’s her own sanctuary to return to at the end of a busy working day.

After 14 years of renting and a winter spent battling an infestation of rats in a cold home, she turned to Classic to see if there was a better way to live.

“I had lived in a home that was uninsulated and I wanted to see if I could afford a new home that would have insulation and no rats, compared to buying an existing home that’s the same price that was probably going to be uninsulated.

Start chasing the dream

“My dad drove me around Whangarei looking at sections and we went to see the Classic building consultant thinking I would see if my wild dreams of building a new house could be made a reality.

“I said ‘this is my budget, can you build me a house?’ and he said yes, and that was that. I never thought I would own my own home, so I feel very blessed that my first home is a brand new home.”

Turning the dream into reality

Classic Builders worked with Michelle to find a house plan that worked for her sloping section and budget and kept things simple and stress-free, with few variations to the original charts. 

Inside the house, Michelle had a clear vision – a collection of photos she had taken would adorn the living area’s walls, almost like a gallery – and working with Classic’s interior consultant was the perfect way to help that vision come to life.

“She was awesome, she had some samples there and we whizzed through it in about an hour. “In fact, Michelle found the whole process of building her house was fast and professional.

“It was easy for me, I could see the house was being built and everything was where it should be when it should be. I said, ‘contact me when the keys are ready’.”“I’ve got a photo of my house with the concrete laid in late February and then a photo of my father cutting the ribbon across my front door in July, so I think that’s pretty quick to build a house.”

Living the dream

Three years from her move-in date and Michelle is still buzzing about her creation.

“My favourite part is pulling into my garage and, even after this time, I still can’t believe that this is my home, and it’s my first home and it’s a new home. That, I am grateful for every day.

“Where I am located I’ve got these beautiful ranch-sliders that go out onto the deck and I look out at the bush around me. I find that my house is very peaceful and restful and it has a lovely energy about it.”