A design from scratch can be overwhelming with approaching where to start. I find that beginning with something as simple as a piece of art or furniture can ignite inspiration for the design foundation of your new home.

Designing a space needs to be personal. Themes and trends are always a good baseline for the atmosphere of an area but adapting them into something personal makes it yours and yours only. How the space would be used is probably the most functional way to start - socialising, lounging, work. This initiates the direction of the type of furniture for the space. Now we can begin to play with different themes to make your visions come to life.

Looking forward to 2022 I would expect themes of Modern Rustic flares to continue to be introduced into the design realm. More and more we are seeing people grasp onto older mediums of design, through materials, colours and space, executing their visions in a contemporary manner.

When identifying a Modern Rustic home, attention is often focused on untouched, natural beauty. We can assume to see stripped and preserved natural architectural elements, open floor plans and modern furniture. The colour scheme embraces simple and earthy colours, ultimately obtaining a modest feeling of warmth and intimate elegance to the atmosphere of the home. You’ll find that a Modern Rustic ambience can come to fruition through varying diverse approaches.

My best advice to those starting the design process is, start small. Identify and pick something that resonates with you and don’t be afraid to build on a theme.

Written by Megan & Hannah
Nut Meg Studio

Imagery: Supplied by Mulberi