As work is due to start on building our latest Christchurch Showhome in February, local Building Coordinatior, Elizabeth Oliver, takes you behind the scenes of the planning that has gone into ensuring this new Classic Builders home will delight.

Determining the perfect house position on the section is the first step in the design process to create an optimum living environment on the inside, so the lovely natural light and warmth of the sun can be enjoyed all year round.

Whilst planning our new Brookvale Showhome, we wanted a strong focus on light and open spaces, particularly in the living areas, so we positioned these to the northern side of the section, with large sliding doors to let in as much light as possible! To further enhance the light, open feeling in these rooms, we decided to go with a scissor truss ceiling to heighten the space, both visually and physically.

Once we had the design decided, we moved on to the fun part, choosing colours! We knew we wanted a dark paint colour for the plaster with a natural timber but were unsure of exactly which tones would suit. Driving around the neighbourhood, we got a sense of the tones we liked, and settled on a dark, warm grey for our plaster and a soft, natural stain for our timber cladding.

These warm tones set the theme of the house and are carried on through the interior, where we have replicated them in the kitchen and laundry through dark charcoal mixed with warm timber cabinetry.

We drew inspiration from our Rotorua Showhome and have carried on the trend of bold, contrasting kitchen benchtops, one black and one white, coupled with a striking black herringbone splashback to connect the upper and lower cupboards.

By creating a mood board for the house, we could see how well the natural and moody colour combination looked, and how we could carry this on to the flooring as well.

Small mosaic tiles are trending, particularly in bathrooms, so we decided on a small white herringbone mosaic tile which tied perfectly with the larger black herringbone tiles in the kitchen and continued the contrasting theme.

Borrowing from our Waikato branch Design and Build, we have extended the floor tiles onto the wall behind the bath, as an extra feature to create some visual interest in the bathroom. These tiles are paired with a warm natural vanity, similar to the cupboards in the kitchen.

The end result is a cohesive representation of our theme with each interior room tied together with the exterior.

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