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You know what kind of house you want, and chances are, you’re not living in it yet, but do you hire the best house builders NZ has to offer and start from scratch, or do you find a carpenter to spruce up your existing home? The choice is rarely easy, but do you truly know whether a home builder or a renovator is the right choice for you? Home builders and renovators are separated by some important distinctions. Understanding their individual strengths can give you a better idea which one is better equipped to put you in your dream home. Continue reading for our guide on choosing between home builders and renovators.

What are Home Builders?

Home builders plan, coordinate, and manage the construction of new homes. This begins with the process of acquiring the required building permits, consents, and land surveys, and continues all the way through to commissioning landscapers and carpet-layers. Home builders will be proficient in several aspects of home construction and will be familiar with local zoning laws and construction regulations. Though architects will design the home and draw up the blueprints, builders are the ones who translate the blueprints into construction magic. Home builders undertake a wide array of tasks to complete the construction of a new home. 1. Reconcile blueprints with building code regulations and client preferences 2. Calculate the costs of a build, including materials, labour, and licenses, and provide thorough, detailed quotes to the client 3. Submit building plans to local authorities 4. Arrange for land surveys and inspections of the construction works 5. Commission tradespeople to complete specialised tasks pertinent to the build 6. Supervise contractors and undertake primary construction works

Why Choose Classic Builders?

Renovations can be less expensive, and you may find them preferable should you particularly like your home’s location. That said, renovations also come with less certainty and more hidden costs, so the price difference is often less than it may seem on the surface. Settled foundations, drainage issues, and rotted timber are just a few of the unanticipated and costly surprises that can turn up during renovations. This is why many homeowners prefer the predictability and personalisation of building their dream home anew.

At Classic Builders, we understand that very few decisions in your adult life will feel more empowering than participating in the design of your own home. Few people enjoy the thrill of taking control of their home design, implementing their unique circumstances and priorities to build a house that is specially designed to meet their needs and reflect their personalities.

Classic Builders offers a four-step process for those looking to work with home builders.

  1. Create your dream – You talk, we listen. Sharing your vision is more than just listing the number of bathrooms you need. Tell us what you value in a home, from the amount of natural light to the spaces in which you spend the most time. We help you design a home that incorporates your values.
  2. Colour your dream – Nothing in your home more immediately reflects your personality than its colours. We work with you to develop a palette and choose materials.
  3. Build your dream – We take the lead and transform your dream home into a real one. We’ll keep you involved and informed every step of the way.
  4. Live your dream – You sign the dotted line and become the owner of a brand-new home, designed by you, built for you, and proudly occupied by you and yours.

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Do you know what you want in the perfect house? Renovations can get you closer, but a new build will get you all the way there. Take the first step to realizing your perfect home. Contact Classic Builders today.