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Brand New Home Within Reach for First Home Buyers

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more excited about their first home than these two. Jared and Vicky were immersed in life; working and renting in Hamilton. Buying a home wasn’t on their radar. That was until, Vicky's brother set the cogs turning when he alerted them to a, ‘not to be missed opportunity’.

When Housing New Zealand announced a scheme to assist people into their first property, Classic Builders developed a package in Greenhill Park which not only meant first home, it also meant brand new home.

V. “He literally phoned every day until I promised I’d do something about it.”

J. “For us, it was perfect. Our KiwiSaver meant we could do it without any assistance from family and suddenly, something we’d considered unattainable was now within reach. Before we knew it, we were signing on the dotted line.”

For most people, celebrations might include popping a bottle of champagne but for Vicky, it was an unscheduled trip to the pet store.

V. ”I have always wanted a dog, but I knew I couldn’t make that commitment until I was in my own home.”

Benny is the newest addition to the family - an Oodle cross with a charming personality and almost as much positive energy as his owners.

J. “We’ve got a back yard now, so there’s plenty or room for him. In fact we’ll have so much space, we can even get a spa pool.”

As for the home itself, Jared and Vicky are pretty chuffed.

J. “We love the layout - it’s just the right size. All three bedrooms are decent - we’ve got a place to work, somewhere for people to stay and then there's still space just for us.”

Both Jared and Vicky have enjoyed the process, agreeing constant communication has been key.

J. “From the building manager to the tradespeople - every person at every stage has been incredibly receptive to any questions or changes we've had.“

V. “We also really appreciated the help of the interior design team, because we haven’t done this before. They kept in mind what we wanted, without letting us get carried away.”
With windows in and cladding almost up, Jared and Vicky will soon hear move in date and they’re fizzing with excitement.

J. “It’s our first house, we go and visit it every day! Vicky has even started filling it – she’s really into quirky and eccentric furniture and has already hunted down some cool finds.”

V. “Yep, I’m pretty happy with life – I’ve got a dog and a spa pool.”

The excitement with these two is infectious. It’s a bit like a romantic movie, except it’s real. It really does fill you with the warm fuzzies.